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SoftCircles is a leading software development firm specialised in building web 2.0 and mobile applications better, cheaper and faster.

Our services include all stages of development including user interface design, development, deployment, maintenance & support.

9 Things We Love
  • 1

    We love eating out

    We love food. Who doesn’t? We love the act of going out to eat and trying something new. We love the atmosphere of eating in restaurants around the world and we love the social atmosphere of going out to eat.

  • 2

    We embrace opportunity

    We love a challenge! Seeing opportunities with the courage to embrace them is part of who we are. It may seem a bit old fashioned, but when all of US put our talents together with our “can-do” attitude, we can find a solution.

  • 3

    Our people do the right thing – because it’s right

    Our reputation is our reality – that’s why trustworthiness is at our core. We honor our promises and commitments with our employees, vendors, clients, and the community.

  • 4

    We’ve got your back

    We have the right resources in place to support our clients in all sorts of projects.

  • 5

    We like being here

    Our industry is dynamic and always changing, so the workday is never boring. That’s good, because boring days just aren’t fun!

  • 6

    We listen and it shows

    One size does not fit all. Good listening is our starting point for creating customized solutions, enabling us to educate and communicate, and navigating the industry.

  • 7

    Success requires the ability to pivot

    Our success is sustained by our ability to evolve, be flexible, and perform effectively in a fast-paced industry.

  • 8

    A balance of people and technology is essential

    Technology enables the modern world, and we believe that human connection still matter. The two work together to help our experts create a blended experience for every client.

  • 9

    Everyone counts

    It’s simple: every person is valued.

Our People

  • Qamar Mehtab

    Founder & CEO

    Qamar Mehtab is a venture investor, public speaker & a mobile development Guru. He has also worked with some of the Giants in industry. His entrepreneurial skills let him cover this path of success in such a short time.

  • Marc Van Oldenborgh

    Director Business Development & Operations

    Marc is an entrepreneur, a patent advisor, a business consultant, manager for complex IT projects an inventor and patent holder. In simple words he is a one man show in who is handling all the European business for SoftCircles.

  • Melanie Wisse

    Marketing & Sales Manager

    Melanie has a business loving personality and takes management as a challenge with skills like - good business sense, financial planning, marketing skills, strategy development and implementation. She has this quality of strategy planning which you can see paying off in very minimal time.

  • Muhammad Faizan

    Business Development Lead

    Faizan has been with the company since its very start, his extra-ordinary communication and management skills helped company pick some very good projects to work & earn from.

  • Waleed Mahmood

    Project Manager

    Waleed is a technology geek who love blending innovation with engineering. During his graduation he received multiple winnings and after entering into his professional career his projects have also won multiple awards.

  • Fatima Mehtab

    Quality Assurance Lead

    A demeanor of professional optimism, Fatima is born with critic and analytical personality and polishing her talent after her graduation. Always learning new techniques of testing with pessimistic approach produce such high quality and bug free apps and websites for the company.

When you hire us, you have access to our amazing talent pool of most talented resources. Our people are some of the best in the industry, and you'll see it when you work with us.

planning and strategy

Plans that engage, educate, and ensure success. Your app needs a plan.

design and creative services

Hands down we're the best in the world. We'll design your ui/ux to be world class.

coding, testing, analytics

Our apps make the cut. We also help you measure your success with our custom analysts.

marketing, promotion and success

An app is a business that needs promotion, and we're just the ones to guide you through it.

key technologies we use

These are samples of apps and websites created by the artists and developers we have on staff.

In our studio, we innovate & build engaging products that truly excites the people who use them.


    Get in touch with us and simply send business to us. By just referring us, you'll earn commissions on any work we perform on those projects. The commissions are ongoing, so if the project lasts a while, so will your share.

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    Need a back office team or an over flow partner with critical projects that can't get compromised. We are there for you.

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  • 20% YOU / 80% US

    If you're a graphic designer or marketing company and can provide some of the services that we offer in our turn key solution, you can bring leads to us and we'll let you do your part, and work with you for the app portion of the job, and pay you a nice commission for the referral. We work very well with others.

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  • Corporate Office: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    31 (0)20 4634180

  • Corporate Office: Lahore, Pakistan

    92 321 7777 869

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